13 thoughts I had during 13.1

Recently, I ran my first half marathon. I grew up never liking to work out or run. My family even used to make fun of me for being lazy.

However, I worked up the courage to sign up for a half marathon after completing a few 5K and 10K races. I trained for months, got sick a few weeks before and thought about dropping out. However, I stuck it out and decided to run. Although some back spasms slowed me down during the race and I didn’t make the time I wanted (man, it was hilly,) I finished!

Here are 13 thoughts I had throughout the course of the 13.1 miles of my first half marathon.

Mile One: Can people get out of my way? Are people seriously already walking and taking up the whole road?

move it star wars

Credit: iagiftshop.com

Mile Two: One mile down … 12 to go … hahahaha, 12 miles.

jay antm

Credit: Pinterest

Mile Three: My splits can be better than this. Time to pick up the pace.


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Mile Four: “I feel good! I knew that i would. … I feel nice! Like sugar and spice.”

Credit: originalhopster

Credit: originalhopster

Mile Five: Hehe, look at all these people I’m passing. … OK, wow. Look at all these people looping around me, two miles ahead of me.

Credit: econsultancy.com

Credit: econsultancy.com

Mile Six: Hmm … This seemed to go a lot faster during practice runs.

Credit: aminoapps.com

Credit: aminoapps.com

Mile Seven: I can’t believe that I’m only halfway done. Halfway done. Halfway. Can I cry now?

Credit: quickmeme.com

Credit: quickmeme.com

(At this point, I was actually climbing over a bridge like this. I didn’t stop running, but I’m pretty sure a sloth could have passed me.)

Mile Eight: I am going to CRUSH breakfast when this is over.


Mile Nine: I hate myself. I hate the me who signed up for this race. I hate my slow, lead-filled legs. I hate my lungs. I hate this course. I hate the way this energy chew tastes in my mouth. I hate running. I hate running so much. I hate everything.

i hate everything
Mile Ten: I got that runners’ high! I am about to kill it. Only a few more miles to go.

Credit: Buzzfeed

Credit: Buzzfeed

Mile Eleven: Everything. Hurts. My body is in so much pain.

Mile Twelve: I must beat this one person in front of me. He is going down. My legs weigh 1,000 pounds but I will prevail!

Credit: imgur

Credit: imgur

Mile Thirteen: I AM DYING, BUT I AM DONE. Someone bring me a banana and a beer.

It's finally over



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