After protests in Baltimore affected Orioles games, fans took action by creating ReOpening Day

On April 29, amid civil unrest in the city of Baltimore, the Orioles defeated the White Sox 8-2 in front of an announced attendance of zero. While the game was closed to the public and the stadium was empty, it seemed as if the whole world was watching.

For many baseball fans outside of the city, it was nothing more than a topic of discussion. For Baltimore fans, it was much more personal, and while most understood the decision, they were still sad they were unable to cheer on their team in person.

And that’s where an idea was born.

Enter Sam Angell, 30, a native Baltimorean currently living and working in Philadelphia. A quick glance at the Orioles’ schedule showed him that the next homestand would kick off Monday, May 11. After seeing the excitement surrounding opening day each year, in which fans are chomping at the bit to get out to restaurants or bars and then the game for the first time of the season, Angell came up with the idea for “ReOpening Day”.

“I think fans should participate for a number of reasons,” Angell said. “Primarily, though, to just show their pride in their city. The Orioles have been such a part of this community for over 60 years, and the local businesses both in the Camden Yards are and throughout the city are what gives Baltimore such a welcoming, unique flavor.

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