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Coffee & Content is an idea I’ve been thinking about for a long time in my head. Social media is in my blood. Even if my work title wasn’t “social media director,” I would still spend so much of my time perusing Instagram and refreshing my Twitter.

So, while I’m learning so much about all aspects of social media in my current role – from analytics to audience engagement to sponsored posts – I could eventually see myself moving to consulting down the road.

In order to get a head start and to help current or aspiring bloggers, Instagrammers and brand ambassadors, I started a new Instagram account: @coffeeandcontent (That’s content as in social media content, not content as in happy … even though I hope following the account makes you happy!)

This account will give practical advice on how to build a brand and following, with an extra shot of coffee, latte art and more. What goes more hand-in-hand with social media than a beautiful latte or having a real conversation about your business over cortados?

I hope you’ll follow along on this journey. That’s what it is … a journey! While I have a content plan in place for now, I’m starting this in the chaos known as baseball season and looking to see what people’s interest level is.

Join me here, and if we happen to be in the same place at the same time (I’m Baltimore/D.C. based), I’d love to chat over coffee!

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  1. May 13, 2017 at 6:04 pm

    Hi Olivia! This is a great idea. A lot of us spend time on our laptops on cafes anyway! I found you through a tag on Cartel Coffee Lab’s Instagram page about a meetup. I live in LA and was wondering if there are any plans for meetups elsewhere in the country.

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