Copper Canyon Grill offers holiday menu with all the trimmings

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and thanks to Copper Canyon Grill, I’ve never been more ready for the holiday!

I was recently invited to the Blue Ridge Restaurant Group’s “Home for the Holidays” preview at Copper Canyon Grill in Gaithersburg, Md. It was my first visit to the restaurant, and before even sitting down for dinner, I was impressed.

The ambience of the restaurant was great; it had dim lighting but was still a casual setting in a lively atmosphere. Although I visited on a rainy Monday, there were still plenty of people dining and sipping on cocktails.

I, along with a group of savvy food bloggers – including Rachel of Like the Tea Eats and Viana of @v_bites, was treated to a full holiday menu with all of the trimmings.

The meal began with some delicious-looking rolls and cornbread. Unfortunately, due to my nut allergy, I held back from the bread. Our awesome server informed me to stay away, and he was really great at guiding me through the menu all evening. Although I would have liked to try the bread, everyone who knows me knows I was more than content starting off my evening with a glass of red wine.

Then, it was grub time. Chef Anthony walked us through the menu, which was highlighted by the rotisserie turkey. For the sides, we were served redskin mashed potatoes, bacon mac and cheese, sweet glazed carrots, sauteed green beans, cornbread stuffing, homemade gravy and cranberry sauce.

I mean, just look at that bird.

Copper Canyon Grill spread

The turkey would make a great option for a holiday dinner. Since it was cooked slowly, the turkey had the best skin. It was crispy and flavorful, and I ate every sinful bite after smothering it in gravy.

Similar to Mom’s Thanksgiving feast, the stuffing was my favorite thing on the plate. Copper Canyon Grill’s cornbread stuffing was a little sweet but full of flavor. It was topped with the delicious giblet gravy, which simply screamed holidays.

Copper Canyon Grill dinner

The gravy paired extremely well with my mashed potatoes, which were well-seasoned and a good consistency, and the delicious cranberry sauce. The big bites of cranberry were seasoned with nutmeg, and were fantastic when mixed in with bites of potatoes or stuffing.

Because of my mom, I hold myself to high standards when it comes to holiday meals. However, because of my dad, I am a stickler for fresh and organic homegrown vegetables. The green beans served were just that. They tasted extremely fresh and were a nice change of pace from the carbs.

After getting my fill of savory food, it was dessert time. I’m generally not a big dessert person, but it was a Treat Yo’Self-kinda day.

To start off the dessert course, I was offered coffee, which was pressed right in front of me. A great touch for a super smooth coffee.

Then … out it came. Hello, pumpkin cheesecake the size of my face. I’m a big pumpkin and cheesecake fan, so this was a welcome sight. And it didn’t disappoint.

Although I couldn’t come close to finishing it, the cheesecake was delicious. Even better were the caramel sauce and the dollop of homemade whipped cream.

Copper Canyon Grill cheesecake

I want it again, and I want it now.

Overall, this dinner was a great alternative to mom’s homemade meal. Thanks to Copper Canyon Grill, customers are able to order a full holiday dinner that includes the turkey (or chicken) and all of the aforementioned sides. Orders must be placed two days in advance, and the holiday menu is available through Jan. 1 at all four of the restaurant’s locations.

And remember, don’t forget that stuffing!

For more details, visit Copper Canyon Grill’s website. If you have more questions, feel free to tweet me @oliviawitherite.

While these opinions are my own, I was invited to this event by the restaurant group and did not pay for my meal.

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