Crossing off bucket list item at 10,000 feet

For years now, I’ve wanted to go skydiving. While some said I was crazy and others said it was too common of a bucket list item, it’s just something that I knew I always wanted to do.

And it took a LivingSocial for me to literally take the plunge. Yep, that’s right. I took a discounted fall out of a plane … and it was awesome. We flew up to 10,000 feet in a matter of minutes, and then I, along with a group of eight others, went for it!

The free fall was the most exhilarating and unique feeling I’ve ever experienced, lasting about a minute before the parachute was pulled. Then, my instructor and I were sitting on air, taking in the sights and land below us. In all, it was about 15 minutes before I landed safely on solid ground.

With the skydive in hindsight, I can cross an item off my bucket list, one that truly took faith. I put my complete trust in my instructor as he strapped me in, helped me jump out and showed me how to land safely.

What a thrill!

Here are some pictures. My skydive took place at DC Skydiving Center in Warrenton, Va. – highly recommended!



Skydiving 5

(Sorry about my hair!)

Skydiving 6

Skydiving DC



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