Don’t keep it bottled up (RIP, Robin Williams)

Robin WilliamsNews recently broke that actor Robin Williams has passed away, reportedly due to suicide.

Now, if you know anything about me, I’m the furthest thing from a movie buff. If you name a movie or even a TV show you love, chances are I’ve never seen it. I’m just not that into movies. But movies like Mrs. Doubtfire, Jumanji and especially Aladdin are films I grew up on.

From what I’ve seen and from what everyone has seen on-screen, Williams was side-splitting, absolutely hilarious. While I, along with everyone else, will never know what he was battling internally, outwardly he was a comedic gem.

Before news of this broke, I was actually thinking about internal battles a lot as of late in a much less serious context. Last Thursday, I had oral surgery, and I was in a lot of pain the following days. However, I was around new people and friends’ family, so I did my best to put on a happy face and fake feeling well.

And it was mentally and physically exhausting.

Before the Williams news broke, I was thinking about how much more worn I felt from trying to hide pain versus just airing it out. And that was just physical pain.

Not emotional, mental, or spiritual pain. From personal experience and within my close family, I have seen all of those types of pain. Man, it hurts. It’s horrible to feel and suppress depression and disappointment. Man, it hurts to see family members and friends go through emotional and internal pain that is eating them alive, affecting their physical well-being and slowly sucking the life out them.

But from personal experience, I have also seen how much it helps to get help. Will it make you feel completely better, or even just a lot better? No, unfortunately not.

But it could just be what you need to keep going.

Like I said, I have no idea what happened in the Williams’ situation. I’m just an outsider writing a blog based on some facts and many rumors regarding a celebrity I’ve never met. But hearing the news just made me want to dust off the blog and beg you to talk to someone if you need to. I’ve seen what it can do.


RIP, Robin Williams.

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