Five reasons to love MapMyRun

About a year ago, I started to run. Slowly and not for long, but I started to run regardless. Although I had tried to get into running before, I used to get super burned out or discouraged before ever seeing results. Even once I ran a 5K or two, I’d stop running after. I was never able to improve because I just couldn’t stick with it.

Until I got MapMyRun.

Hands-down of my all-time favorite apps, MapMyRun, powered by Under Armour, is the perfect way to keep me motivated. I cannot tell you how many times I have recommended this to a friend or family member. It offers so many features that keep me getting back out there. … even enough to get me to sign up for my first half marathon (on-deck in one week!!!).

I’m nowhere near an expert runner. I’m pretty slow but I’ve gotten a lot more consistent lately. Plus, the app is great for runners of all levels.

Here’s why I’m so loyal to MapMyRun:

MapMyRun gearMy friends

When running races, nothing is more motivating than spectators cheering you on during that final push. MapMyRun is no different. Every time I complete a run or workout, friends can like my activity and comment on it with a word of encouragement.

When I have an exceptionally long or quick run, my friends always go out of their way to leave a nice comment to keep me going.

The activity feed

You can connect the app with your Facebook, Twitter or contacts. Once you add friends,  you’ll see other people’s activity in the activity feed. During days when i just don’t feel like running or being active, I’ll see that one of my friends has run, which is the perfect boost of motivation to get me out the door and pounding the pavement.


MapMyRun, along with sponsors, puts out a bunch of challenges to keep you motivated. They have different goals, from working out a set amount of times over a time period to reaching a certain amount of miles over a time period. As you progress, you receive virtual badges that you can share on social media. You’ll also be entered to win Under Armour prizes or gift cards, which is enough incentive in and of itself!

Gear tracker

The app records every run you take. You can either log a workout after you’re done or record it during a workout using its GPS technology. The app lets you register your running shoes and then tells you how many miles you’ve logged on them. You’ll know when it’s time to replace them.

MapMyRun milesMiles logged

Every time I go for a run,  I turn on MapMyRun, using my Apple Watch app. I keep my phone strapped around my arm to log my miles – it uses GPS technology to track my run, so I have to have my phone. Over a week, month or all-time, MapMy Run can show me how many total miles I have run.

If I go out for a brief three-mile run, it may not seem like much. However, when I see it add to my total, it’s super encouraging.

As you can tell, I am a MapMyRun superfan. I recently got to test a new beta version of the app, and it’s awesome. I’ve never had a problem with it crashing, it measures my distance accurately and much more.

About a month ago, I – along with a few of my MapMyRun-loving friends – got together to run a relay marathon at the Baltimore Running Festival. Our team, appropriately named “MapMyRun” used the app during the race.

Best of all: PRs all around!

There are so many other features on the app that I didn’t even mention, including logging other workouts, nutrition tracking and much more!

You can sign up for MapMyRun and download the app here. See you on MapMyRun!


We did it! We ran a (relay) marathon. || Celebrating PRs with beer. 🍻

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