Take a look Honeygrow’s successful marketing campaign (and some swanky apartments)

This weekend, I had the chance to explore Baltimore’s newest apartment building, 1405 Point. While it’s still in its building stage, I can tell you one thing: that space will be s w a n k y .

For real, 11th-floor balcony pool, huge gym, amazing views of the Harbor, the whole thing. Thanks to the tour, I was able to gather so much information, not only about the building, but also about marketing. Yep, naturally, I turned my great experience into a learning experience.

About a week before the event, I was invited by Honeygrow (freaking, yum!) via email to attend an exclusive hard-hat tour the new apartment space. Honeygrow, located in the same area of Harbor Point as the new 1405 Point, hosted the event. Overall, this event was very successful because it hit on a few key marketing tactics.

First of all, influencer marketing. Honeygrow invited a list of local influencers and photographers for an exclusive tour of the space. Instead of opening this tour to the public (which in-and-of-itself would have been difficult since we were on an active construction site!) Honeygrow and 1405 Point limited it to a few influential people whose social media following hits their target markets.

The tour was effective because it used influencers and some fantastic photographers to spread the word naturally through their social media channels and blogs, reaching many more people than just the attendees.

The event also showed Honeygrow and 1405 Point aligning itself with others in the community. Upon my arrival, Honeygrow gave away tote bags with coupons and other promotional items for other companies in the area of Harbor Point.

As 1405 Point is working to showcase not just the apartments, but also the up-and-coming neighborhood, attendees were able to see tangible evidence of all of the exciting aspects of Harbor Point.

Honeygrow also makes a point of being very involved in the communities in which its stores are located, which is especially evident through their Instagram hashtag #hgLocal.

Honeygrow benefitted this event by giving away coupons for its store to drive sales and gaining a lot of social media mentions along the way, which brings me to my favorite point… social media marketing. Honeygrow has a very strong social media presence, particularly on Instagram.

Honeygrow’s Instagram posts are very intentional and specifically curated. While it uses consumers’ photos to build its brand, it also makes sure that all of the images fit its high standards, branding and aesthetic.

It also used Instagram stories to show the tour and give its 16,000+ users exclusive behind-the-scenes views.

For this tour, influencers were chosen to spread the word of the new apartments via social media. This ties in with influencer marketing and also shows the value of brand ambassadors in social media.

From a simple one-hour tour, I was left with new marketing ideas (and a strong jealousy for everyone moving into 1405 Point in Harbor Point!)

Thanks to Honeygrow, 1405 Point, Harbor Point and Beatty Development for coming together for an awesome tour. Check out some of my photos below (taken on Sony A6000 or iPhone 7 Plus).

baltimore harbor point

11th floor – soon to be a workout floor with balcony pool

baltimore harbor point

1405 Point construction

baltimore harbor point

1405 Point in progress in Harbor Point

baltimore harbor point

11th-floor views

baltimore harbor point

Gloomy views

west elm baltimore

Sample apartment at 1405 Point, furnished by West Elm

bedroom baltimore

Sample bedroom in 1405 Point in Baltimore, furnished by West Elm

Olivia Witherite is currently serving as the Social Media Director at MASN. You can learn more about her career on her new resume and more about her personal life on Twitter.

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