Making a resolution that matters

New Year’s resolutions are dumb.

At least that’s what I told myself today when there was a literal line out the door to my gym.

Donate to my half marathon, benefitting Back on My Feet!

The thing about resolutions that really bothers me is how short-lived most of them are. During the year, I know that I can’t completely cut out chicken wings (whatever). So why do I try to cut out all junk on one symbolic date?

Maybe you’re a complete slob who decided to keep a spotless house on Jan. 1. Well, maybe you should have just started by resolving to clean up your 15 dirty dishes … that still have food on them … and that are sitting on your bed?!

So, when 2017 rolled around, I knew that my goal had to be a somewhat moderate one, one that I could conquer while still being challenging. I want the goal to be something I can build off of, not fall off of faster than I say “yes!” when someone asks me if I want buffalo wings.

And my goal is to run … for a purpose.

After slacking off from running regularly for the last few months,  I decided to sign up for a half marathon in April for a great organization. Back on My Feet is a nonprofit I started volunteering with last fall. The organization combats homelessness through the power of running, community support and essential employment and housing resources. Every week, I wake up early and run with Back on My Feet members, which has allowed me to form relationships with many great people.

So, I’m looking to raise money for Back on My Feet through my half marathon fundraising. Now, back to my resolution.

In an effort to support a great organization AND get myself back into the swing of running, even when it’s freezing out, I will be donating $2 to Back on My Feet for every mile I log leading up to the race on April 1.

If I can offer any advice, although I’ve only started to run this month, it’s to pick a resolution that has an extra dose of motivation tied to it. It’s a lot harder to quit running when I know it’s affecting both a goal I set and the wellbeing of some guys I’ve gotten to know.

Bring on the miles!

If you’re interested in sponsoring me or giving a flat donation, please click the button below. Thank you in advance!

Update: Slacked a little in January … logged 47 miles. Not my best, but that’s $94 for Back on My Feet!

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