MASN livestreams Facebook chat with Orioles’ Adam Jones

As a social media director who has the attention span of a fly, I find myself constantly looking at my Facebook feed. Like me, you’ve probably noticed that videos get a lot of play in news feeds.

Because of this, we at MASN have worked to incorporate more video coverage into our social media strategy. So, naturally, we were super excited when our pages were given the feature to go live. Live video – similar to Periscope – on Facebook offers real-time comments, likes and more.

Every season, MASN hosts live chats in its web studio, bringing in players to answer questions fans have submitted via social media. While we have always streamed the chats on, this time we were able to bring a much bigger audience closer to the video by using Facebook livestream.

This most recent chat featured All-Star center fielder Adam Jones. When we went live, our followers got a Facebook notification that the chat was underway and that they could submit questions in real time.

The result? Huge engagement and lots of impressions! Plus, showing Jones the questions coming in led to some hilarious, genuine and just plain fun chatter.

Check it out below!

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Olivia Witherite is currently serving as the Social Media Director at MASN. You can learn more about her career on LinkedIn and more about her personal life on Twitter.


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