My favorite MASN tweets of 2016

Oh, 2016, how filled with tragedy, sadness and despair you were. While the year will probably be recorded in history books by authors with big, fat tears slowly rolling down their ruddy cheeks, for me, it wasn’t really all that bad.

What redeemed my year, my seven readers may ask? (S/O to my mom)

Well, more than just memes. It was also GIFs, Instagram and puns. All of the puns. We were having pun in the sun in 2016. I wanna soak up the pun. My anaconda don’t want none unless you got puns, hun.

But I digress…

This year was my first year as MASN’s social media director, but I’ve been heavily involved in MASN’s social media for the last six (!!!) years. My team worked hard to strengthen our social media voice and grow our influence this year.

While I could simply leave you with a few tweets that made my warped, twisted and cynical self laugh this year, I’ll also explain why some of our funniest and punniest social media updates were also the most effective.

Why it worked: The tweet was catered to our audience perfectly. Not only did it contain a funny (and painfully relatable) caption, it also showed Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw distraught in the dugout after the Nats tied the game. Timeliness and speaking the language of your audience will go a long, long way.


Why it worked: Tensions were high during the Orioles’ one-game playoff game in Toronto. Win or go home … and then a Blue Jays fan threw a beer at an Orioles player. While not every game is as high energy as this one, we were able to play on the emotions of very angry and passionate fans in a timely manner.

Beyond the stakes of the game, Orioles fans really don’t like Jays slugger Jose Bautista. Back in May, Bautista was punched in the face by Rangers’ Rougned Odor.

So when Bautista struck out in the high-stakes wild card game, we did what any responsible Twitter account followed by thousands of Orioles fans would do.

Why it worked: It was a low blow… *rimshot*


Why it worked: As a woman, I’ve heard that I only like sports for the stories? No, I like sports for sports … AND for the stories. I don’t care who you are; try not to smile at the GIF we clipped above. Rookie Trey Mancini’s first home run was awesome, but will mostly be remembered because of his mom’s amazing reaction.


Why it worked: I will always lament the fact that this tweet has very little retweets. When your manager, DUSTY Baker is cleaning up DUST, you pounce on that pun faster than someone can tweet “delete your account” to me.


Why it worked: As I mentioned, tensions during the wild card game in Toronto were very high. So when someone on the other team with a last name that is pronounced “smoke” strikes out, you rally the Orioles-fan troops.


Why it worked: We played off of one of the more popular Internet memes with this tweet. It was relevant, it was salty and it reminded Orioles fans how proud they should be of their manager.

Another great standings tweet:


Why it worked: Oh, come on. This one’s just funny. We hit our target audience (18-30 some year old males) with this tweet.


Why it worked: Beyond retweets, good tweets warrant discussion. While the Orioles have made the playoffs three of the last five years, they’re continually picked to finish last in their division. When the O’s made the playoffs in 2016, we capitalized on experts’ very off predictions to rally fans.


Why it worked: In the offseason, we work hard to keep baseball on people’s brains. While there’s usually a lot of news, rumors and other things to share, we must also really capitalize on offseason holidays and birthdays for content. So, when Valentine’s Day rolled around, we had a lot of pun-filled cards ready to give to the fans we love.


Why it worked: Knowing and studying your audience is key. And our main audience also likes Drake… no, seriously. Our target audience is young males, and we’ve seen higher interaction when we use musical references or popular trending memes. So, naturally we parodied “Back To Back” by Drake when the O’s hit back-to-back homers on Mother’s Day.

And finally… My favorite tweet I’ve sent of all time. It’s so punny it actually hurts.

I’ve had fans tell me to “delete my account” and friends roll their eyes at me. But these tweets about Orioles’ Hyun Soo Kim are out there.

Why it worked: I gave one Hyun-dred percent effort on these tweets.

As you can see, timeliness, relevance and wittiness are three things that make sports social media accounts the most effective.

This year, I will again challenge my team to stay up-to-date on cultural references, baseball, music, memes and more. As our voice continues to grow, so will our audience, and we will continue to provide it with the puns, song parodies and memes it needs.

Here’s to 2017, which I am now deeming the Year of the Pun. Before I leave you, let me leave you with a few tweets that just keep me going.

Olivia Witherite is currently serving as the Social Media Director at MASN. You can learn more about her career on LinkedIn and more about her personal life on Twitter.

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