Party of One: Why alone time is necessary

The day had finally arrived. I had counted down to this Saturday for more than a week, and it was finally here… the day I had nothing to do and deliberately planned to be alone.

While this may sound pathetic to some people, this day was absolutely necessary. Run errands alone. Catch up on meal prepping, grocery shopping and sleeping. Be with my thoughts.

Every once in a while, I get to the point where I need alone time. Although I consider myself an extrovert and am always doing something to keep myself busy, I need days to de-stress and refocus without anyone else around.

So, while you may be like me – always running around, working, talking to people or just staying busy for the sake of staying busy – here are a few reasons why you may need some alone time.

Deeper thoughts

hello-thumbnailDuring a normal day, my mind is thinking about work, what I’m doing after work, family, responsibilities and more. When taking time alone, especially with no set commitments or agenda, you’re forced to focus on things you’d normally push to the side.

I thought about my relationships, my lack of drive lately, world events and my current stage of life. However, instead of pushing these aside to concentrate on work or something else, I was able to chew on the thoughts, focus on how I actually feel about the topics and come up with ways to react and improve.

A healthier day

Normally, when with friends, we’re somewhere eating or drinking. Even if we’re just sitting around the house, I’ll find something to munch on or pour a glass of wine. Not healthy.

Everything I put in my body on my day alone was well thought out. No one planned what I was going to do/eat/drink except me, and because of that, I was able to treat my body right. Bonus points for also going to the gym.


My prideful self hates to admit this, but I’m heavily influenced by other people. On my solo day, beyond a quick phone call with my mom and chat with a cashier at the grocery store, I spoke to no one. That means every single decision I made to day was guided by me, not by someone who wanted me to go here or someone else who wanted me to do this.

Confidence booster

Since I’ve started planning these days to be alone, I’ve gotten a lot more confident being alone. I’ve always enjoyed running errands and shopping alone, but I did have trouble going to a restaurant or being in a huge crowd by myself. With each alone day I plan, the more confident I’ll become in myself as a independent person.

So, with the day in the rearview mirror, I’m feeling satisfied and so refreshed. I learned a lot about myself and am one step closer to being fully confident in myself. I strongly suggest you to do the same. You never know what you’ll teach yourself!

Olivia Witherite is currently serving as the Social Media Director at MASN. You can learn more about her career on LinkedIn and more about her personal life on Twitter.


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