Taking a look inside my #JingleVoxBox from Influenster

After seeing a friend post something about Influenster on Pinterest, I was immediately curious. Does the company really send consumers free products to test and review?

Well, the answer is yes! After doing a bunch of research to make sure the company was legitimate, I signed up for the product review site, and I was immediately rewarded. After connecting my social media sites – including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and this blog – I qualified for a #JingleVoxBox.

They sent the box full of goodies to my house, and the stuff inside was awesome! They gave me samples and full size products all for free! Then, I got right to testing.


Before I get into the box, I must say that Influenster is awesome, and I 100 percent recommend signing up. Beyond the products you can qualify to test, you can also read other people’s reviews of products and rate products you love or hate.

It’s a great way to learn more about top products, especially healthy and beauty products, before committing to buy them yourself.

But back to the #JingleVoxBox. Here are all the products that came in my free box:

Biscoff Cookies
Anyone who knows me knows that I suck down the coffee during my work week. At around 2 p.m., I absolutely need another cup to get me through the end of the day. And the Biscoff cookies that came in my #JingleVoxBox are now sometimes a part of my afternoon coffee routine.

They are deliciously crunchy and pair perfectly with coffee. A simple dunk in my coffee and they’re even better. If you’re a coffee drinker, you must pick these up during your next grocery store run.

Kiss Lashes and Adhesive
I’ve always had issues with fake lashes. They never stay on me because I have some of the shortest and thinnest eyelashes of anyone I’ve ever seen.

The lashes came in one strip, aka they weren’t individual lashes you put on. Because of this, I couldn’t get them to stick on my super small lashes.

Although I wanted to wear them for New Year’s Eve, I ended up just slathering on the mascara.

The lashes, however, did look beautiful. I saw some fellow Influenster’s lashes on Twitter, and they looked beautiful and natural. The adhesive sent to me was black and not clumpy. It matched the lashes really well.


Ore-Ida Tater Tots
It would have been something if Influenster sent me frozen tater tots through the mail. The box, however, did include a coupon for a free bag of tater tots. While I’m more of a “fries before guys” type of gal, these are great.

FullSizeRender 12While I haven’t finished up the bag yet, I’m inspired to use them in a recipe I saw on one of those Tasty videos that have taken over and destroyed my Facebook feed. Beyond having them as a side for a sandwich or with dinner, I also recommend using leftover tots for breakfast! Smash them up, pan fry them with some garlic and onion (and maybe a little cheese) and serve with eggs. YUM.

Hallmark itty bittys
Seriously, how cute is this bad boy? Hallmark offers these adorable mini dolls in many different characters. Mine was from Frozen, and I think I like it as much as my little cousins do.


Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 9.16.05 PM

I get really dry skin especially in the winter, which is why I am very picky about my lotion and creams. (I am very loyal to Vaseline Cocoa Lotion.) However, I may start adding Cetaphil to my arsenal. It’s thick and creamy without being greasy. I’ve been using it on my hands during these harsh winter months and have definitely noticed a difference.

Pure Ice Nail Polish
Pure Ice Nail Polish stands out because of its price point. Sold at Walmart, it’s a really inexpensive polish. Unfortunately, you can tell. It’s not as smooth or long-lasting as other brands I’m loyal to, including OPI.

This polish is a great choice if you’re looking for something fun and bold without breaking the bank – such as a New Year’s nail or holiday party.

NYC Eyeliner
Beyond my black pencil eyeliner I wear and cat-eye almost every single day, I’m not overly picky about my eyeliner. I like trying different colors to mix it up or to add a simple swipe to just leave the house in a hurry.

This eyeliner given to me in a brown shade is great. It’s a great match for my brown eyes and a perfect way to get some makeup on and head out the door!

As you can see, Influenster has been an awesome experience for me. I got to test some a bunch of products, amazing ones that I’ll definitely buy again and ones that I’m glad I was able to test before buying a full size!

If you’re interested in signing up, head here. If you have any questions about it or about any of the products I tested, tweet me or leave a comment below.

As a reminder, I received all of these products for free. All opinions are my own.

Olivia Witherite is currently serving as the Social Media Director at MASN. You can learn more about her career on LinkedIn and more about her personal life on Twitter.

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