The real Super Bowl ad winner – Monster

The Super Bowl has come and gone, along with a slew of very disappointing (and depressing) TV ads. While millions sat around during the commercials to see the much-anticipated TV ads, they were treated to many flat-out sad ads, such as the Nationwide “Because I Died” spot.

And just before that Katy Perry halftime show …

While my jaw was still open from that ad, I saw another one on Twitter right after the Patriots secured their victory that surprised me even more. I was scrolling through my Twitter timeline when this popped up. Monster Twitter Super Bowl Oh, no. I thought. was the latest Twitter fail victim, and trust me, there are many. Cue racist AIDS tweet, Kenneth Cole and many more. People began trolling @Monster, with responses ranging from “someone’s fired” to “uhhhh…”. These trolls were out-trolled. Click the full tweet, and you see this:  

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 12.10.34 PM
Well played, Monster. Here’s why it was effective.

1. It was real-time: Monster put up the tweet immediately after the Super Bowl results were in. The content was quick, which is especially important for a later time of night. They reached consumers before they crashed for the night.

2. It’s savvy: How perfect is it that used the example of “Social Media Manager” on a brilliantly executed social media ad? They used the new features of Twitter perfectly, taking advantage of the dimensions of the ad.

3. It generated response: Monster’s mentions flew through the roof. While many were negative (since people didn’t read the entire ad,) was very responsive with fans, thanking them for the positive feedback and answering the negative. “Check again ;)” and “Mwahahaha ;)” were some of the responses.

As a social media lover in the industry, I’m 100 percent confident this was my favorite ad of the Super Bowl. (And no Nationwide, you’re not even close.)

Olivia Witherite is a social media lover based in Baltimore. She is currently working on social media projects for, and more. You can learn more about her career on LinkedIn and more about her personal life on Twitter.

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