Twitter takeovers connect athletes to fans

I’ll admit it: Covering Major League Baseball teams has made me slightly jaded.

When I first started interning at MASN back in 2011, I could feel my jaw drop at Oriole Park’s sights and sounds.

While I still do all that I can to stay extremely grateful for the amazing opportunity that I have, I have gotten somewhat used to experiences in the sports world. One of those experiences include being around Major League Baseball players.

However, during my work with fans and contest winners, I am reminded just how awesome it is for people to interact with their favorite players and sports heroes.

As anyone who knows me knows, I LOVE social media and all of the opportunities presented to me through social media outlets. Where else can celebrities, CEOs and athletes interact with others on a one-on-one basis?

MASN has taken advantage of the opportunities of social media through its Twitter takeovers. Most recently, fans were able to ask questions to both Orioles’ Chris Davis and Nationals’ Anthony Rendon. Then, the athletes answered the fans directly! Naturally, the results were hilarious, fun and light-hearted.

Check out the wrap in the videos below!

If you have any questions about a Twitter takeover, feel free to comment below or tweet them to me @oliviawitherite.

Davis – I assisted in this event.


Rendon – I organized this event.

Olivia Witherite is a social media lover based in Baltimore. She is currently working on social media projects for, and more. You can learn more about her career on LinkedIn and more about her personal life on Twitter.



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